Barna Woods

This website is part of The Barna Woods Project which is funded by The Heritage Council and the Recreation & Amenity Department of Galway City Council.

Barna woods is located on the western boundary of Galway City and is owned and managed by Galway City Council. The woodland is part of a wider recreational amenity that includes Cappagh Park. The Barna Woods Project  is a  ‘Biodiversity Survey and Management Plan of Barna Woods’.

Biodiversity Survey 
For this project, a multidisciplinary team have surveyed the habitats and vegetation, invertebrates, bats, birds, mammals and macrofungi, within the wood. The survey team are Dr Janice Fuller, Dr Chris Peppiatt, Dr Rory McDonnell, Dr Chris Williams, Dr Kieran Connolly and Ms Sabine Springer. The project is managed by Dr Amanda Browne. The results of these surveys will provide information on how the wood can be best managed for nature conservation and as an amenity for the people of Galway.
Surveys were conducted between June and September 2008 and provide a baseline dataset of flora and fauna and fungi within the wood. This list can be added to over the years and provides a baseline against which future monitoring can be compared.

What is biodiversity? 
Biodiversity or biological diversity simply means the variety of different living things in a habitat or ecosystem and includes people, plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms. Biodiversity is everywhere and all around us; from gardens to hedgerows, woodlands to wetlands, rivers to coastlines. It is even found in man-made structures such as stone walls, buildings, canals and parks. You are welcome to visit our other website www.galwaybiodiversity.com